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Console JALOU for BOLIA

with João Gonçalves

Jalou is a narrow elegant console that makes everyday life easier by hiding cables and trinkets. Since it can be fixed to the wall, its height can be adjusted as well as a console or a desk.

Our first idea in this project was to bring suppleness to wood, in order to propose a new way of interacting with a piece of furniture.

It is by hiding a layer of textile between wooden slats that we managed to bring flexibility. Some technical constraints led us to rethink the piece several times. After the manufacture of 8 prototypes, we reached the final design of Jalou.

Design // Clémentine Caurier & João Gonçalves
Pictures // Bolia & Clémentine Caurier 
Video // Clémentine Caurier & João Gonçalves



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