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Interior office design for GERMAN AUTOLABS

with João Gonçalves

The growing start-up German Autolabs had the challenge to fit more and more people into their 450m2 open-space in Berlin. In order to ensure that the working conditions of the employees would not be altered, they asked us to rethink the organization.

We rethought the space so that the different departments wouldn’t get in each other's ways and we designed the common areas as unifying zone.  

Individual booths have been developed for employees that have to test a device by talking to it all day long. A whole system of acoustic pin boards has been designed to encourage collaborative work. Two big soundproof booths have been built to facilitate quick meetings.

Design // Clémentine Caurier & João Gonçalves
Pictures // Clémentine Caurier & João Gonçalves


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